Meet Our Demo Team


Annie owned by Brenda and Jakob

Jakob's Girl Annie Bell, Annie is 5 years old. She received her CD (Companion Dog) designation in January 2009. She will do anything she is asked to do by her handler. She loves to play agility, obedience and has tried flyball too. She loves to do the tunnels and jumps and when she stretches out on her last jump you would think she was superman flying through the air. She loves to meet with all the people at demos and will jump up on your lap and give you a face wash.

Bonus owned by Riekie

Bonus is a Jack Russell Terrier and was born on March 8, 2002.

Bonus plays flyball and does some agility and obedience.

You will always know which dog is Bonus as he is the little one always bouncing around. He can jump almost as high as his owner's shoulders!

Candy owned by Robin

Rockhurst's Class Act Havana "Candy" was born Feb 4, 2003. She is a Havanese and finished her CKC championship at just 6 months of age. In 2005 at the first Canadian Havanese Specialty, she took Best of Opposite Sex and Best Brood Bitch. After she finished with the show ring in 2007, she was placed with her forever family.

She then took up the sport of agility which is her absolute favorite. She twice took time off when she tore the cruciate ligament in each of her knees but returned each time better than ever. Candy loves having her tummy rubbed, camping and sunshine. But most of all, she loves treats!

Edge owned by Amanda

Debarge Cuz the Chicks Dig it, known as Edge is an Australian Shepherd, born Jan 24th, 2005.

Edge has 2 legs toward his CD in Obedience and he loves playing tug and spending time with his mom.

Edge is learning to play flyball and he enjoys playing at our demos. He is the big, fast, red dog!

Envy owned by Riekie

Envy is a Bearded Collie and was born on August 25th, 2000. She is one of our Veteran demo dogs and is 11 years old!

Envy has her second title in Obedience and is currently working on her third. She has her Canadian Championship in the conformation ring.

Envy LOVES to play flyball and she happens to be #1 Bearded Collie in the North American Flyball Association (NAFA).

Envy also has done agility, but doesn't seem to enjoy it nearly as much as she does flyball.

Izzy owned by Diana

Izzy aka Problem Child was born October 2007. She currently plays Flyball and does Obedience and is going to soon take up Agility and Herding. She has her FDCh-G in Flyball.

Izzy is a rescue dog coming to live with Diana at 16 months of age. She had been in numerous homes before living with Diana. At first Izzy had no manners and was super hyper. She has settled down and knows that there are rules, which she often protests about.

Izzy loves flyball, and gets into a crazed state, impatiently waiting her turn. On the softer side, she loves attention and wants to always be near Diana, including on top of her. She really doesn't know she is too big to be a lap dog.

Izzy is a social butterfly and is super happy to meet anyone!

Jazira owned by Diana

Jazira aka Miss Little Diva is a Cockapoo x Shiz Tzu cross. She weas born August of 2003. Her current activities include Flyball and being a Princess. She has her FMCh title in Flyball.

Jazira was born at Diana's house as an accidental breeding. Who knew a 10 year old dog could still have pups? Jazira was named after a character in the movie Hildago.

Jazira, as a puppy, loved the ball. She picked it up and carried it around and would drop it at Diana's feet. She instinctively knew to retrieve and return the ball, no training necessary.

Jazira loves balls, balls, balls and shoes. She created her own games with a ball.. drop a ball into a purse, anyone's purse who was silly enough to leave it on the floor and then bounce into the purse to get the ball. Drop a ball into a shoe then undo the shoe laces to get the ball. She will carry shoes around and many times Diana has to go searching for one of her shoes. Not very funny when she is trying to leave to go to work!

Mojo owned by Robin

Havana's MoJo a GoGo "MoJo" was born November 3, 2007. He is a Havanese who loves agility, especially tunnels. He loves to run as fast as he can and is sometimes known as the energizer bunny. MoJo has a perpetual smile and happy disposition.

He loves to meet people, play with other dogs (the bigger the better), sit on the arm of the couch and survey the street, and especially his green bone, blue egg and squirrel that he takes turns carrying everywhere.

Molly owned by Diana

Molly aka Miss Sensitive was born July 2006. She has her FM title in Flyball. She is currently playing flyball but is also going to start doing Obedience, agility and herding! She is a Border Collie after all.

Molly is a rescue dog and came to live with Diana when she was 11 months old. When Diana took her in that was her 5th home and her last chance according to her breeder. The breeder was going to 'put her down' if this new home did not work out. To this day Diana doesn't know why.. Molly is a sweet, sensitive, gentle gal, who loves to please.

Molly loves flyball and splashing in water. She even has her own swimming pool, not spoiled is she? Molly is known for being the 'CEP Local 481 Lock Out Mascot' she has appeared and was mentioned in the Leader Post during her Mom's labour dispute on numerous occasions. Molly would check in on everyone on the picket line, especially one co-worker who had to use a scooter. Molly won the hearts of Diana's co-workers and to this day, they still ask about her.

Moxi owned by Robin

Havana's Bit O Candy By Brooke "Moxi" was born April 6, 2010. She is a Havanese and is Candy's granddaughter. She loves agility and playing in the rain and snow. She loves to run as fast as she can and games of chase, bugging people and other dogs to get them to play with her. Moxi is always really happy and full of energy.

She is very mischevious, carrying around socks, boots (even those bigger than her) and anything she can get a hold of. She loves people, squeaky toys, and great big chew toys.

Oakley owned by Brenda and Jakob

Jakob's Girl Oakitokes, Oakley is 5 years old. She recieved her CD (Companion Dog) designation in Janury 2009 with her handler Jakob, who recieved a HIGH in trial the first time out. It was a very exciting time for this cute little team. Oakley will do whatever is asked of her and loves to run through the tunnels and over the jumps. She also loves to meet and play with all the people at the demos.

Panic owned by Amanda

Panic is a Border Collie born October 27th, 2008.

Panic is currently learning to play flyball.

Panic is well named as even though he enjoys everything he does, he always looks like he is in a panic to do it!

Piston owned by May and Amanda

Piston is a Shetland Sheepdog born September 1st, 2009.

Piston is currently learning to play flyball, agility and doing obedience.

Piston enjoys playing tug and making new friends. To him, strangers are just friends he hasn't made yet.

Prowl owned by Sarah

Prowl is a border collie who was born March 12, 2011 and who always wants to play.

He currently plays flyball and agility where he can run and jump to his heart's content. When he is at home, he spends his time chasing balls or playing tug of war.

Like his mother Wriley, he loves to give people hugs.

Rae owned by Amanda

Infinitiraeoflightsnozone "Rae" was born May 23rd 2002. She is an Australian Shepherd and she has her CD in Obedience and her FMX in Flyball.

Rae loves to play flyball and enjoys barking! She loves to come out to demos and play her favorite games and meet new people.

Ratchet owned by Sarah

Ratchet is a 5 year old Heeler cross who was rescued from the Humane Society on June 29th, 2007. His favorite thing in the wold is chasing points of light. When there are no light reflections or laser pointers around, he enjoys practicing agility and rally-o, catching flies and "helping" to harvest the garden.

Rosie owned by Pat

Rosie is a Boston Terrier, born September 2004.

Rosie runs in Flyball and has her Flyball Masters Championship with 15,000 points, as well as playing agility for fun.

Rosie is a real social butterfly and loves people. She is also a real diva and doesn't like to get dirty. She also has no problem letting everyone know if she thinks they are doing something that they shouldn't be doing.

Stryker owned by Diana

Stryker aka My Boy, Handsome and Tank was born September 2007. He is currently playing Flyball and doing Obedience and has his FM in Flyball. He is also going to start doing Agility and Herding.

Stryker needed a home when he was 4 months old. He is a Blue Merle Border Collie with bright blue eyes and is often confused as being an Aussie. He loves balls, flyball and Envy. Stryker is a goof, another class clown, until he sees a ball and the racing lanes. Then he is Mr Focus and nothing distracts him, well except for Envy. Stryker is madly in love with this Bearded Collie, stopping from a dead run to say, hey you are pretty!

Stryker acts like a tough guy, but he is really a Momma's boy who is gentle and sensitive.

Tesla owned by Sarah

Tesla is a sporting dog mix who was lucky to be born the same day the Riders won the grey cup in 2007.

Tesla is a very laid back dog who likes nothing more than to curl up on the sofa beside you with a bone to chew. She also loves to compete in Rally-O where she gets to stay by her owners side and show off all the tricks she knows. In February 2012 she got her Rally Novice Cum Laude title in Rally in her first ever trial including one high in class.

Tia owned by Pat

Tia is a Boston Terrier, born April 2006.

Tia runs in Flyball and has her Flyball Masters Excellence with 10,000 points, as well as playing agility for fun.

Tia loves people and really likes to play tug a way or fetch which ever you want any time you want. She will never give up anything willingly, and is a real tomboy. She never wants to boss other dogs but won't be bossed around by other dogs either. She loves her Miniature Pinscher puppy that she thinks was bought just for her.

Wriley owned by Amanda

Wriley is a Border Collie born April 11th, 2008.

Wriley is currently learning to play flyball and also has fun playing in agility. Wriley also loves to give hugs.