Barn Hunt

Available Classes

Classes are six weeks at a cost of $100 including tax.

To register please email our Training Director at or call 359-6909.

What is Barn Hunt?

Barn hunt is a fast growing sport that challenges your dog to use his sense of smell to locate live rats secured inside PVC tubes. These tubes are hidden in various locations within a ring of stacked straw/hay bales. All dogs can learn to locate them, even if it isn’t part of their genetic history. All breeds and mixes are welcome to participate. Barn Hunt is a fun new sport both you and your dog will enjoy!

Beginner Intro to Barn Hunt

This class will cover all the basics of starting out in Barn Hunt. You will learn what an indication is and how to decipher your dog safely climbing bales and completing dark tunnels, Barn Hunt rules plus the fine art of rat wrangling! You will meet our pet rats, the stars of the show, and gain a thorough understanding of the importance of rat care and safety. Once interest in finding the rats has begun, we will put it all together and work on the two beginner levels of competition: Instinct and Novice.

Before you arrive for the first class, we highly recommend you take a peek at to prepare yourself of the fun to follow.

DISCLAIMER: Rat safety is ALWAYS our number one priority, and at no time will the rats be in any danger of being harmed. These rats are loved family members that have been raised, and live daily, around dogs so they have no fear of them. Should you have any concerns at any time, please let us know.